Anywhere with an internet connection

8 March

10am - 3pm PST

20+ Speakers

Representing a wide range of backgrounds.

4 Channels

Focus tracks for the entire tech eco-system!!

*This conference IS accessible for individuals needing captions or live transcripts. Live captions will be available for all keynotes and main channel content, thanks to support from We are still seeking partners to help make the entire conference 100% accessible. Join us in building a truly inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Kickoff

    Kickoff with introduction from BlackStarMedia founders Tiffany Mikell and Kortney Ziegler.
  • Morning Keynote

    Sandee Kastrul, CEO of i.c.stars: Sandee Kastrul is the President and Co-Founder of i.c.stars. Founded in 1999, the organization prepares future leaders to develop skills in business, leadership and technology. Ms. Kastrul is an engaging and inspiring storyteller who draws on the connections between creativity, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • Channel Breakout

    Plan out how to best take advantage of the conference with in-depth descriptions of the tracks, workshops and speakers. Registered attendees also get access to ALL conference content -- so nothing is missed!
  • Intermission

    An opportunity to grab some lunch mid conference and virtually network with the conference speakers and attendees.
  • Channel Breakout 2

    More workshops, lightning talks and founder lessons!!
  • Funding Roundtable

    A virtual panel discussion on Funding for Entrepreneurs of Color.

    Sarah Kunst, Investor at Fortis Partners

    Jason Towns, CODE2040 Entrepreneur Residency Director

    Tequila Shabazz, Founder of BRIJ Fund

    Moderated by Stephanie Lampkin, Founder of Blendoor

  • Closing Keynote

    Emile Cambry Jr, CEO of BLUE1647: Emile Cambry, Jr. is a Professor at North Park University and was recognized as one of the Top 50 Business School Professors. Emile has experience in Investment Banking for J.P. Morgan Chase. His films have been licensed by HBO and Cinemax, as well as Showtime. Emile Cambry Jr is also cofounder of the technology and entrepreneurship incubator, BLUE1647 and as is President of the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival.
  • Wrap-up

    A recap of the amazing day of events!!
  • Start on a Shoestring Without Losing Your Shirt: Legal Tips for Bootstrapping Your Business

    Lisa Carter is the founder of Flourish Counsel, an independent law firm that works with both solo entrepreneurs and businesses with multiple owners. Prior to founding Flourish Counsel, Lisa worked as a commercial litigator defending corporations in a wide variety of lawsuits including breach of contract, employment, products liability, real estate, and intellectual property disputes. Lisa represented clients of all sizes ranging from large household name companies to small and mid-size businesses in state and federal court.
  • #FounderLessons

    A compilation of founder lessons from successful entrepreneurs of color. Featuring:

    Heather Hiles, Founder/CEO of Pathbrite

    Mike McGee, CoFounder of The Starter League

    Maurice Cherry, Founder of Revision Path & 3EighteenMedia

    Tiffani Ashley Bell, CoFounder of Detroit Water Project

    Hanifah Walidah, Founder and CEO of ShowUp

  • Crafting Your Founding Story

    The BlackStarMedia team builds in public with a behind the scenes look at the work needed to build a credible brand and ultimately a revenue generating business having impact in communitites of color.
  • #CreatorProfile

    An opportunity to highlight the project, work and ventures of BlackStarMedia Creators in Residence as well conference attendees!
  • Lightning Talks

    Nicole Yeary, Founder of Ms. Tech

    David Gabeau, Founder of

  • Intermission

  • Intro to Finance for Startups

    Led by Charisse Conanan Johnson Founder of The Charisse Amanda Group
  • Lightning Talks

    Decolonizing Tech: Nicole Sanchez, Founder of Vaya Consulting

    Breaking into Startups: Carlin Thomas, Business Dev at Startup Institute

Overview & Schedule

Building and running a technology startup is a team effort and the most innovative products demand a diverse team of designers, developers, marketers, content creators and relationship owners.

In this one day virtual conference -- we bring together some of the most brilliant and thoughtful entrepreneurs and leaders and with a series of keynote speakers, virtual interactive workshops and lightning talks -- we will answer the burning question:

What does is it REALLY take to be a successful tech entrepreneur from an underrepresented group??

Reasons to attend:

  • Looking to network and develop contacts within the tech entrepreneurial community without leaving the building??

  • Running a business and seeking personalized guidance or instruction from successful entrepreneurs that have shared life experiences?

  • Looking to start or join a startup and not sure where to begin?

  • Want to help build the eco-system of tech entrepreneurs while highlighting individuals from groups currently underrepresented in the space?

Tech Entrepreneurship for All

Learn from successful leaders with shared experiences -- virtually!

About InclusiveDev: The Conference

InclusiveDev was born in 2014 and launched with a partnership between BlackStarMedia and Dev Bootcamp Chicago to support local technologists of color. Since that time, the community has grown to include tech entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds, areas of expertise and geographic regions.

Our vision is to create a platform where we virtually curate culturally specific education, resources and support -- reaching tech entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups - all around the world.
  • Danie
  • Heather
  • HustleHack
  • Maurice
  • Mike
  • Sian
  • Tiffani


Successful tech entrepreneurs from ALL walks of life. Stay tuned for daily updates!

Speaker 1

Sandee Kastrul

CEO of i.c.stars

Speaker 2

Emile Cambry

CEO of BLUE1647

Speaker 3

Nicole Yeary

CEO of Ms. Tech

Speaker 4

Nicole Sanchez

CEO of Vaya Consulting

Speaker 5

Christine Celice

Founder of DiversiTech

Speaker 6

Ava St. Claire

CEO of Moonrose Agency

Speaker 4

Carlin Thomas

Business Dev at Startup Institute

Speaker 5

Matthew Dickerson

Freelance Developer

Speaker 6

Nicolette Chambers

Developer at ThoughtWorks


Anthony Frasier

CoFounder of The Phat Startup


Charisse Conanan Johnson

Founder of The Charisse Amanda Group


Tequila Shabazz

Founder of BRIJ FUND


Eric Willis

Founder of STEAMROLE


Zee Spencer

Founder of Zinc


David Gabeau

Founder of


Lisa Carter

Founder of Flourish Counsel


Lynn Cyrin

Creator of Quirell


Catt Small

CoFounder of Brooklyn Gamery


Frank Denbow

Founder of Startup Threads


Sian Morson

Founder of Kollective Mobile


Jen Myers

Founder of Code and Cupcakes


Kortney Ziegler

Founder of BlackStarMedia


Sarah Kunst

Investor at Fortis Partners

Stephanie 3

Stephanie Lampkin

Founder of Blendoor


Joseph Harvey

CoFounder of City Incite

Tiffany Mikell

Tiffany Mikell

CoFounder of BlackStarMedia


Sameet Jain

CoFounder of Big Wheel Brigade


Jason Towns

Director, Entrepreneurship Programs at CODE2040


Kat Calvin

Founder of DC Young Entrepreners


Melissa Kimble

Founder of My Creative Connection

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Support and encourage diversity in tech entrepreneurship.

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